Autism Spectrum Outreach: Longhorn TIES

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The Longhorn TIES (Transition, Inclusion, Empower, Success) initiative seeks to enhance the student experience for students who identify as being on the autism spectrum or who have other related conditions through advocacy, connections and training starting with the new student orientation process and continuing throughout the student’s academic career.

Launched in 2019, Longhorn TIES is an initiative within the department of New Student Services. This initiative is designed to provide support services to students who identify as being on the autism spectrum or who have other related conditions. This initiative will also serve as a resource for UT Austin faculty and staff.

Program Elements: 

Beginning in Spring 2020, Longhorn TIES will pilot the following support services which will be available to students, faculty and staff of the UT Austin community. 

  • Transition meetings for students and families during orientation: learning about Longhorn TIES and the support services available to students on the spectrum
  • 1:1 coaching meeting and bi-weekly meetings focused on assisting students reach their academic, social and career-related goals
  • Personal and professional skill training: time management, self-advocacy, self-determination, social communication and executive functioning skills
  • Cross-campus collaborations with campus partners
  • Seminar presentations
  • Social events
  • Resource network
  • Awareness trainings

Students interested in receiving services through this initiative must identify as being a student on the autism spectrum or whom have other related conditions. Students do not have to have register with Services for Students with Disabilities to access this support service.

If you are interested in meeting with the program administrator to learn more about the program or want to sign up for services, fill out the Longhorn TIES Qualtrics form

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About Longhorn TIES

The Longhorn TIES initiative was created as a way to foster environments that endorse student success and formulate pathways connecting students with the needed resources to enrich the overall student experience.