Fasting During Orientation

New Student Services recognizes students’ who observe their religious practices. We are committed to accommodating students who will be fasting and/or observing Ramadan during orientation, and to creating a positive orientation experience that respects students’ needs and traditions. We will work with students to help them find time to pray, break their fast, etc. during the orientation session. 

What will my meal options be if I am fasting during orientation?

On Day 1, you will meet with your Orientation Advisor (OA) after you check in, and at that time you should communicate any specific needs that you have to your OA. At this time, you can request to have a boxed lunch set aside for you and indicate which option (vegetarian or non-vegetarian) you would like. Alternately, there will be a designated time and location where you can meet up with an OA after sundown and walk to the Nueces Mosque, where you can pick up a free meal to go. Finally, you are also encouraged to bring your own food and snacks. There is a refrigerator and microwave in your room so you can prepare food. 

On Day 2, you will have the option again to visit the mosque with an OA after sundown and pick up a free meal. You can also pick up food at one of the dining facilities during the day and store it in your room in Jester, or eat food that you have brought from home.

What if there is a required program happening at the time that I am breaking my fast?

If there is a required program happening when you need to break your fast, your meal will take priority. If you will be visiting the mosque and picking up a meal there, an OA will escort you and you will rejoin the orientation program when you return. If you would like to break your fast in the residence hall, you can coordinate with your OA to attend the required evening program as soon as you are able.

What if I’m in a meeting, appointment or program and need to pray?

If you are in a meeting or program and need to step outside to pray, please do not hesitate to do so. The orientation staff and your academic advisors understand and respect any student’s need to take time for prayer/reflection. 

Where can I go if I need a space to pray/reflect?

There is a reflection space in the Texas Union where you can go for prayer. There is also the Nueces Mosque located close to campus at 1906 Nueces Street. On Days 1 and 2, there will be a designated meeting time and place where you can visit the mosque with an OA after sundown.