The Longhorn Way

students making the Hook 'Em hand signal

Orientation only lasts a couple days, but finding your place at UT Austin is a longer journey. 

Begin that journey with The Longhorn Way.


The Longhorn Way is a program for new freshman and transfer students that highlights on-campus events, opportunities and resources that will help you transition to UT Austin and make the Forty Acres your own. Participating is easy, and you only need to participate in five events to complete the program and get your free T-shirt. You may have already attended some of The Longhorn Way events! For example, if you...

  • Are part of a First-Year or Transfer-Year Interest Group
  • Have attended an athletic event
  • Work on campus
  • Have utilized the Sanger Learning Center
  • Have attended an event hosted by a college/school

...then you may be well on your way to earning your free T-shirt! There are dozens of other opportunities in The Longhorn Way to explore if you haven't completed your five yet.

How It Works

Earn your horns by participating in at least five of The Longhorn Way events during your first two semesters at UT Austin.

All events are listed on HornsLink, so you’ll need to sign up and complete a profile. Note that you must be enrolled in classes in order to create a profile.

Record your attendance at events via HornsLink and track your progress. If you participate in at least five events/opportunities, you’ll get a FREE The Longhorn Way T-shirt!

Tracking Your Progress via HornsLink

Once you've created a profile on HornsLink, scroll down and on the right of the page you will see "Paths" when you log in. Click on "The Longhorn Way" to go to the curriculum page.


On the curriculum page, you will see the four categories of events:

  • Academics and Resources (must fulfill two events)
  • Leadership and Involvement (must fulfill one event)
  • Health and Safety (must fulfill one event)
  • Pride and Traditions (must fulfill one event)

screenshot of Longhorn Way curriculum bar on HornsLink

You will need to self-report your attendance at each event by clicking "Mark Complete" under "Fulfillment Status" at the bottom of each event page. Once you have marked five items as complete, you can come pick up your free t-shirt from the New Student Services office, located in the Student Services Building in suite 3.410.