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Orientation Advisors Fall 2020 Information

Orientation Advisors

New Student Services (NSS) oversees orientation for thousands of incoming students each year, ensuring they successfully transition, both academically and socially, to the university. Each year, NSS interviews and hires a diverse group of talented students, called Orientation Advisors (OAs), to develop, plan and execute these orientation programs.

If you are looking for a fun and rewarding leadership opportunity, working with a diverse and socially conscious group of campus leaders, then consider applying to become an OA. OAs are important representatives for all incoming students—they are among the first people new students and families meet in their Longhorn journey! On-campus housing and meals (pending adjustments due to COVID-19), wages and UT swag are simply the monetary benefits of becoming and OA.

Develop your skills in countless ways, make lifelong friendships and become a true ambassador for The University of Texas at Austin as an Orientation Advisor! 

Before you apply, review Helpful Tips for Orientation Advisor (OA) Candidates.

Interview Process

When you fill out your application you will sign up for an interview session on OA Interview Day, Sunday, Nov. 8. Interview day will occur via Zoom, and links will be provided to you in the weeks before. You must attend the interview day in order to be eligible for a position. You will be notified if you have been selected to be an OA, if you have been put on the waitlist, or if you were not selected for a position before Thanksgiving.

See the job descriptions below for more information on the position requirements and compensation.

Summary of Orientation Advisor Positions

Position Status

1st Year Orientation Advisor

Serving as an Orientation Advisor (OA) provides the opportunity to have a significant impact on incoming students. Through their commitment to serving the university, OAs will receive in-depth personal and group leadership development, training on university history, job-specific skills and enhanced peer relationship-building techniques. Additionally, OAs receive several weeks of peer academic advising training from academic counselors within respective colleges. OAs have a unique position with the ability to engage fellow Longhorns in one of the most important times of their college career, as they transition to campus and register for classes. OAs are selected in the fall semester and enter into a probationary period during the spring semester. Upon satisfactory completion of the probationary period, OAs will be hired for employment beginning May 2021. Compensation includes an hourly wage. Students will also receive housing in an on-campus residence hall, a meal card for use during scheduled work or training hours, and Bevo Pay pending adjustments due to COVID-19. This position may be held up to two times.

In Process

2nd Year Orientation Advisor

2nd Year Orientation Advisors are students who have served a year with the Orientation Advisor program and wish to serve for another year as a role model for 1st Year OAs. They will complete all of the same duties as 1st Year Orientation Advisors and will bring a level of added expertise and professionalism to the program. Compensation includes an hourly wage. Students will also receive housing in an on-campus residence hall, a meal card for use during scheduled work or training hours, and Bevo Pay pending adjustments due to COVID-19. This position may be held up to two times.


Leadership Team Member

The Leadership Team provides significant guidance to Orientation Advisors, with the unique opportunity to impact peers and incoming students simultaneously. Only students who have completed at least one year of the Orientation Advisor program are eligible to apply. If selected, students will lead committees, assist in the training of Orientation Advisors and provide leadership to the orientation program. The Leadership Team will serve along with New Student Services staff to carry out the mission of New Student Services. Compensation includes an hourly wage. Students will also receive housing in an on-campus residence hall, a meal card for using during scheduled work or training hours and Bevo Pay pending adjustments due to COVID-19.


Summer Orientation Staff (SOS)

Summer Orientation Staff (SOS) are former Orientation Advisors who work behind the scenes with orientation details and serve as a central location for new students to gain information during orientation. They are recognized by NSS staff as someone who possesses strong communication and organizational skills and are able to exhibit strong customer service and knowledge about the orientation program. Compensation includes an hourly wage.


Summer Orientation Staff Coordinator (SOSC)

Summer Orientation Staff Coordinators (SOSC) are former Orientation Advisors who are able to lead their SOS peers with simultaneous projects throughout the summer to ensure a successful orientation experience for new students. They are recognized by NSS staff as someone who possesses strong leadership skills and the ability to lead by example to enhance the orientation program. Compensation includes an hourly wage.


Welcome Leaders

Become part of the newest tradition on campus, by creating a lasting legacy for incoming students! Welcome Leaders will serve as a crucial guide for 10,000+ new students through the Longhorn Welcome Signature Events. Welcome Leaders act as positive role models as new Longhorns transition to the UT Austin campus and Longhorn life! Longhorn Welcome is UT’s official welcome for all incoming Longhorns. This campus-wide initiative takes place during the first weeks of the fall semester featuring 12 Signature Events as well as dozens of other events hosted by various campus partners. All events are created for new students to meet their peers, gain valuable resources, and celebrate UT’s culture and tradition. 

Graduate Assistants

This position is currently closed. New Student Services hires graduate assistants on a yearly basis, for an appointment of 1-2 years. The recruitment process begins in February each year. If interested, please send your resume and cover letter to Dr. Desiree Alva at

The Graduate Assistant will work on most major area projects, from Orientation Advisor selection to publications. There may also be an opportunity for special projects. Other duties may include administering programs for undergraduate students during their first-year on campus, including pre-semester and summer orientation sessions; Longhorn Welcome events at the beginning of the fall semester; and other projects that assist in new student transition. Graduate assistants receive in-state tuition and insurance.

Maralyn Heimlich Scholarship

This scholarship is given in memory of Maralyn S. Heimlich, who served students at the University of Texas at Austin for more than twenty years. For the last eleven years of her service, she directed the orientation program for new students and was responsible for the training and teaching of the student staff and Orientation Advisors (OAs). Maralyn was a teacher, mentor, and friend to the OA staff who served as a professional role model by demonstrating respect and care in the way she performed her job duties and lived her life. It is these attributesand values we seek to honor and recognize in scholarship recipients. For more information and to apply, click here.